Sunday, October 2, 2011


I never thought I'd see this day.

Pedicures have always been the mysterious realm of the females in our family.  Mysterious to Dan, that is.  The girls and I occasionally treat ourselves to an hour of foot care, coming home with sparkly toes and soft skin from the knees down.  Dan may or may not have understood what we did there, but he did understand that when we came back we were happy and relaxed and so he just accepted it.

Last week Dan mentioned that he is having trouble with one aspect of self-care.  He can shave, he can shower, he can take care of most things.   But his toes and feet are being neglected.  "I can't trim my toenails because my ribs hurt too much to bend over," he said.   Plus when he bends over in certain directions, he gets really dizzy and is in danger of falling.

SO.  I suggested we go get a pedicure together.  He didn't say yes, but he didn't say no.   Our brother-in-law, Daniel, is from Brazil and it is common for men there to get manicures and pedicures.  It is normal, manly, and just a part of their culture.  And he is one of the manliest guys we know.

A few days later, he brought it up.  "Let's do it," he said.  So I made an appointment and, yesterday, at 3:00 we went to a nail salon in Ballard and sat side by side in the chairs while lovely ladies tended to us.  We didn't read trashy magazines or talk about recipes.  We just sat there in silence while the ladies trimmed, cleaned, massaged, scrubbed, even gave a hot stone treatment.  I glanced over at Dan a few times and he was staring out the window in complete ecstasy.

Oddly enough, there were other guys in there.  At one point, of the four chairs available, three were occupied by members of the male species.  I was the only female.   Weird.  I guess our secret is out - pedicures rock.

Dan said not only did his feet feel clean and cared for but his numb right foot enjoyed the massage and circulation that no doubt occurred as a result.

Damn.  I guess this is no longer just "me" time anymore.  Ah well.  When Dan started asking about J-lo and Mark,  Jenn and Brad and Angie, and who the hell the Kardashians are, I was worried.  But when he started asking about cut and colors and waxing I got downright scared.

Hmmmm....  ladies....  help me out here....


  1. Did you mention to him that he could have gotten butterflies on his toe nails? Maybe next week....

  2. Okay... this REALLY made me smile :)
    Love you guys,