Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are, amazingly, home.  Dan had a nerve block plus a light general anesthetic.  As I write this he is barely groggy (if at all) and Dan is beginning to be able to move his fingers.

The team was incredible!  Everyone took their time talking to us and checking in with Dan's condition and feelings about what was about to happen.  It felt like we were among friends.  The atmosphere pre- and post-surgery was relaxed but clearly professional.  It was one of the best experiences I have had and could have hoped for.

The doctor is pleased with the outcome so far - feels that Dan will make a good recovery. It took a little over three hours and I had Sarah & Julia with me on and off the whole time.  Sarah came up on breaks from work and Julia popped in with things we forgot from home and then returned after an appointment to help us get home.  We are so lucky!

As the numbness wears off, Dan is beginning to feel the discomfort.  He just moved to the couch after eating and as he laid down said, "Oh.  There it is."  So we popped another oxy.  Or, rather, he did.  We'll keep that up.

It's been a long haul since August.  This is hopefully the last biggie.  We're now on the road to healing the shoulder.  Then we get back to focusing on brain injury, numb foot and leg, and residual rib pain.  We'll get there!



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