Monday, April 16, 2012

Surgery Tomorrow

By now you have probably stopped checking the blog...  but we are still living it every day!  However, "more of the same" does not make for exciting reading.  So I stopped posting.

Here is news, though.  Dan has shoulder surgery scheduled for tomorrow around noon. They will repair a tear to his rotator cuff and a problem with his right clavicle. It will be a day surgery but has a 6 month to one year recovery window.

6 weeks of inactivity followed by..
6 weeks of gentle stretching followed by...
3-9 months of physical therapy.

We've tried the conservative approach (PT) but his shoulder causes such discomfort that the decision was made to repair it surgically. 

Please keep us in your thoughts and, if you do so, prayers...  It'll be tricky.  They are giving Dan a  block rather than general anesthesia to minimize impact on his already injured brain.  What a brave, brave boy to agree to that.

I'll be in the waiting room and hoping to feel your good vibes!  Send 'em along!



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