Saturday, August 20, 2011

All you need is LOVE. (And some really good doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists.)

I'm sitting on the boat, sun streaming in, salt air making its way through the hatches, drinking a strong cup of coffee and - other than the fact that I have to deal with a stack of papers from insurance companies (3 of them); police reports; medical release forms; witness emails; communications to and from the detective on our case; receipts...  I feel normal!  Slept like a log last night for 10 hours straight.

But that's enough about me.

Julia is getting some rest now, too, finally.  She and I have been joined at the hip ever since I came home.  Sarah is spending more time over there now that she is able to.  We are a good team.  We have a lot of hope and are working on maintaining that.

Dan had a busy day yesterday.  He had PT from 9-10; OT from 11-12; PT class from 1:30 - 2:30; Speech Therapy from 3 - 4.  He did great in PT except the class - you know he's not a "class" kind of guy and he hated that.  Also did not understand why the speech therapists were making him draw lines and answer ridiculous questions.  He was really annoyed by that.  I won't tell you everything he said about it...  but those of you who know him well can imagine.

One thing for sure, though.  His sense of humor is intact.  Fully.  It is a little extreme at times - but it's there.

The docs are expecting a full recovery.  I'm hoping that he'll be even better than before he had the accident.  "Can you get his biceps up to where they were when I met him?"  "Can you get his hair to grow back?"  "How about rewiring his brain to buy me flowers on a regular basis like he used to?"  "Oh - and can you embed in his brain that Boat Street Cafe is my favorite restaurant?"

But enough about me.

One thing I will say...  there are so many good things that are happening as a result of this awful experience.  There is nothing like coming close to losing someone or something to make you realize how good you have it.  The little annoyances that can crop up between people who have been married as long as we have suddenly become precious - things you miss.  Petty differences among family members, frustrations at work, things that you find yourself complaining about totally lose their significance at a time like this.  Selfishness flies out the window.  Love floats in and takes control.  It's a strong, positive force.  My gratitude for what this is vs. what it could have been reduces me to tears on a regular basis.

I feel strong, supported, loved.  Sarah & Julia feel the same.  We are immensely aware of how blessed we are.

But enough about us.

I would ask to maintain the "no visitor" status for a little bit longer.  I promise to let you know when that changes.

Lots of LOVE,

Irene, Sarah & Julia

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  1. "Better than before the accident" ---wow! I'm just thrilled to hear that recovery continues in happy increments.

    Irene, I appreciate your storytelling. You have conveyed the roller-coaster of the hour-by-hour flow from hope to setback back to improvement and hope. It is my daily dose of contact with you and Dan. I take your message of LOVE to heart.