Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We Gotta Get Outta This Place (8/16 - Day Six)

First things first.  We have a new roomie!  Van went back to Montana this morning.  Left around 6 a.m.  Now we have a new guy.  Let's call him "Chuck."  He was admitted today and spent most of the afternoon having psyc evaluations.  Not a bad guy, but quite unwell upstairs.  So it's me, Dan & Chuck, all cuddled up together having a sleepover.  This is the closest I've ever come to a three-way.  So far it's very disappointing.  Not sure what the big deal is.

Dan was up most of last night - until about 4 a.m.   He was very anxious and in pain and restless.  He wanted out.  Wanted to figure out "How the system works and then how to beat it."  I knew he was in there and I knew what he was doing.  But it made for a long, long night.  Lots of trips down to the nurse station to ask for help repositioning him, changing, getting warm blankets.  Oh well.  For better or for worse, in sickness and in health, right?

Up at 8.  Doctors in checking on progress, nurses changing shifts, lots of activity.  Dan had breakfast and ate heartily and then he was helped into a chair which I wheeled to a skybridge where we sat and looked at Mt. Rainier.  He was so happy to have a change of scenery!  But still scheming how we could get out of here and get back to the boat.

PT came in - a great gal named Beth - and got him up and walking after lunch.  50 feet!  Down the hall and back.  Such determination.  Amazing.  All the HA's were cheering for him in the hall when they saw him.  

The cognitive evaluation they did today resulted in a decision to keep him here a bit longer, although they had been pushing for discharge to a nursing facility in the next day or so.  His intelligence is shining through as he is evaluated.  When asked a series of yes or no questions, he considered and said, "well, that is not a clear yes or no because it depends on the situation and the circumstances."  When read a paragraph and then asked to repeat the events, he gave an analysis of what happened, what should have happened, who was clearly together in the story and who was lacking...  All of you who know him, know that this is how he is.  He will assess, analyze, decipher, discern, and then comment on a situation.  But it was not what they were looking for and so he is here for a little while longer.  And I am glad of that.   I think it's what he needs.

The next step when we get out of here will be an in-patient rehab facility.  I'm pushing for UWMC so I can work while he is an inpatient.

His ribs will take 6 weeks to heal.  His brain could take up to 6 months.  So we need my income.

But that's fine!  Because he's alive!  And he is walking!  And he will be okay eventually.

Today I got some news on the accident.  The woman who hit him was making a left hand turn from the right lane heading north on the Fremont Bridge.  I repeat.  A left hand turn from the right hand lane.  Loads of witnesses corroborate this, the police detective called me today and we talked for a long time about it. She has insurance and we should be fine long-term.  Phew.

Julia and I went out to dinner while Joe (our nephew) stayed with Dan.  He has to have 24 hour supervision.  While we ate there were a few times where I thought I saw a huge spider crawling on me.  Sleep deprivation is a bad thing for the mind....  Julia took care of me though.  Searched the floor for the spider and assured me that it was not there.

Thanks for flowers, cards, emails, voicemails, all the love you are sending our way.  It helps so, so much.  And it's working.  Because he is getting better.

Check out the Fremont blog if you want to.  So many comments and words of support from caring strangers who saw the accident.  So heartening.

OK - gotta get back to Dan & Chuck.  They await my services.  Hopefully I'll get a little sleep tonight!



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  1. Hey Dan, you're doing GREAT - I was very impressed with your progress yesterday! Don't be in a rush to get out of there, your room-mates are excellent entertainment that you won't find anywhere else. Let the hospital staff pamper you and dazzle you with their fine cuisine. Irene just can't make Jello like they can. And the cold beverage that they call "coffee" cannot be duplicated at home. Enjoy your stay, and don't be ashamed to tune into the History channel series, "Swamp People," a favorite among hospital patients. This is a golden opportunity to admire the amazing creativity of TV writers. Seize the day!