Monday, August 15, 2011

August 15, Day What?

We are watching Antiques Road Show.  Dan is into it.  He loves antiques and is appraising and assessing each item.

It's been a long day but a good one.  Dan had a rough night (ergo, so did I).   This morning he had a headache, was a bit confused.  But I've been told that his confusion will wax and wane and not to be upset by it.  It's hard sometimes, though, because I'm used to Dan being one way and I don't recognize this version of him...  but he has had enough lucid moments today that I'm feeling encouraged.

It's most important not to overstimulate him and not to worry him.  Positive, clear, happy, everything-is-under-control attitude is essential.

He wants out of here. Told me today that "We are leaving TODAY."  Asked me if we had our car here and when I asked why he wanted to know he said, "I want to know what our transportation options are because we are leaving."

After a good breakfast of hot eggs, yogurt, applesauce which he ate with determination, PT came in and got him up on his feet today.  HOORAY!  He looked so tall and it was incredibly good to see him upright.  He did a few exercises in that position and then, with help, pivoted and sat down in a chair.  I read to him from Anne Lamott's Traveling Mercies and we laughed, as did the nurse changing his bed.   Next, OT came and got him out of the chair after doing a bunch of tests.  When he got back on the bed he vomited.  Too much activity?  Too much pain?  More brain trouble?  After consulting with the doctor we determined that it was the first two.

Aileen and Julia conspired to get me out of here today which I did for 3 + hours.  Lunch, gym, TJ's.  Felt so good to feel the sun and breathe real air...    Sarah was here when we got back and so he had all his girls around him.

The general idea from here is work like crazy to get out of here and then it'll likely be a skilled nursing facility and then an inpatient rehab situation.  It's gonna be a haul.

Your support and emails and posts and phone calls (which I don't answer because I just can't) mean so much to us all.

Before I close I have to tell you one thing.  When I called for a warm blanket tonight, the aid who brought it in was so nice.  Dan said, "Could we get one for my wife, too?"  I smiled at him and he said, "I'm looking out for my woman."  What a guy.

Too tired to write well or more.  So that's it for now.


  1. So nice to hear that Dan was up an about. I am thinking of all of you. Tell him I expect to see him on the dance floor again soon. ;-) Strong squishy hugs for you all. Thank you for the update Irene. xo -Cynnie

  2. Cynnie gave me the blog address. I'm so sorry. Two important things for you to know: 1. You absolutely can do this for as long as it takes. You're strong, you've got it. 2. Sleep is critical to that. Pills, whatever it won't be able to focus without enough rest. (Food and other stuff takes care of itself.) Please let me know if you need anything. I'm here, I'm not afraid, and you don't need to take care of me. Best, Kay