Sunday, August 21, 2011

Too tired to think of a title for this entry...

So tired.  Haven't had time to post for a bit, simply because of fatigue.

Dan is still really tired and sleeps after the slightest exertion.  I know they say this will take a while but I'm impatient.   Gotta take some deep breaths and wait this out.

Tomorrow (Monday) starts an intense week of therapy.  I am hoping we see some improvement this week.  The brain is a fascinating organ.  It is so delicate and a jarring like Dan's brain experienced has jostled him up in a way that is at times an exaggeration of who he is, at others someone I don't recognize.

Patience is my goal this week.  Patience and hope.

Thanks for everything, everyone.




  1. Hi You 4,
    This is the time to relax... you are out of the woods....on a GULF Island beach....sleep, recharge and accept each therapy and accomplishment as a gift...setbacks too, they are portals for assessment and change.
    I hope Dan has decided to wear more clothes...especially waist down...Love Ragnhild

  2. I wish there was more to do,but quiet hopefulness is all we can send. Deb