Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our New Normal

As you can see, the posts are slowing down. 

We are in the process of settling into a routine of outpatient rehabilitation.  Appointments are mostly on Tuesdays and Thursdays and, as important as they are for his healing, they do take their toll on Dan.  He is very tired after about 45 minutes and begins to lose focus.  He naps about 3-4 hours every day - sometimes in shifts, sometimes all at once.  The brain shuts down in order to heal, I guess.  And the pain from his ribs is exhausting.  So he sleeps whenever he can.

The problem is that on appointment days, he has to push through.  Tomorrow he has a 9:00, an 11:00, and a 1:00 - so he won't even get home until after 2 which is usually deep into his nap time.  I won't expect to see him after that until dinner time. 

On his appointment days, I am at work so that I can go with him if I am needed (which I was in the beginning) or if I want to.  Julia drives him over and drops him off or he goes in with me.  Pretty soon, however he gets there, he'll be going to his appointments and I will work, meeting up with him between appointments to check in.  It's so convenient having him at UWMC.

We are ready for visitors at last.  If you would like to come, give me a call.  I have to stress that visits should be limited to one hour tops.  He starts to fade and it's best to leave before that happens.  I am getting pretty good at reading the subtle signs.

Hopefully this won't last forever.  I am very hopeful that in time we will be increasing visiting times but for now, let me know if you want to come and we'll make a plan.

Thanks for everything and especially for your understanding.

Remember:  Gratitude is the attitude.  Love each other, overlook the petty stuff, keep your face toward the sun.  It's shining pretty brightly these days.



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