Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm going to get caught up with the story and then can move into the "keeping you posted" phase.


The ER team was clear before I even arrived that they were admitting him. (Dan DID tell me that accurately on the phone.) When I got there and started bull-nosing my way to more information - both giving them info on Dan and getting info from them, I learned that he would be in ICU.  The Neuro team came with his x-rays showing brain bleeds in two places on the left side.  They let me know all the worries (stroke, serious brain damage, etc.) but expressed optimism.  I felt fairly good - kept thinking "well - that's for someone else, not Dan."  Sarah & Julia and Aileen were there by this time and we were all trying to register what was happening.

Finally, after 7 freakin' hours, they moved him up to the ICU for what they told me would likely be 3 days.  They made us wait in the waiting room while they worked on him for a little while.  Excruciating wait even though it was only a half hour...

Eventually we realized we were hungry and so the girls went for food and when they got back we ate in the waiting area, taking turns being with Dan.  Joe (our nephew, S&J's cousin) came and hung with us for a while and went back to see Dan but he was not alert at all.

After debating for a while, I went home to sleep - no place to sleep in ICU and the waiting room was too brightly lit and public.  However, the vise-like grip around my heart made sleep hard to come by so I got up, did dishes, packed a bag for the next day, tidied, wrote emails, etc.  Finally hit the wall around 3 and slept until my alarm went off at 5 and Julia and I headed back to the hospital.

It's now really late and I can't write anymore so stay tuned for DAY 2 - ICU.


Irene, Sarah & Julia


  1. OK Yay....I got on here and now am sending special Saltspring Energy from Vesuvius Bay.

    Dan is our hero and I depend on him for all my "Dadish advise"!

    BIG Viking hugs from us both... Karen in Norway...too. XOX Ragnhild

  2. Sweet Dan! I am picturing this whole scene (thanks to Irene's detail) and don't want to think of you all banged up! I am sending big healing thoughts out and calling in all of my cosmic favors for your fast recovery. First things first, please tell Irene a linear story (were you able to do that before the accident?) so she knows that you are going to be alright. And then pull all that strength and power that allows you to marry the awesomest redhead in the universe (and then raise two more!), drive all over the waters of the world, buy property in far away places, and challenge pretty much every assumption ever made about how to live...yeah summons all of that and channel it into getting better. I'll be home on Tuesday and expect to hear all about the latest radical idea.... and I'll be sending you my love until then.

  3. Great blog, Irene, Sarah and Julia. Thanks for doing this.
    Dan--we're rooting for you. Thinking of you all day long. Sending you love and prayers (non-denominational, politically radical, super turbo engine-charged, of course. Obey the nurses. Get well. Come home.
    --Love, the Crockett Street Gang

  4. All our very best wishes from everyone here on Taboga.

  5. Dan, you are the heart and soul of E-dock - we need your cheerful smiling face there! Sending healing thoughts and best wishes for a quick recovery ... Warmly, Christina and a half (from Velocity, now in Pender Harbour)

  6. DanO
    I'm looking at your picture on your panga, thinking we should be out fishing, looking for whales or at least catching some rays. If there are healing thoughts to be sent, I'm sending them. Get well quickly, we need you here in the land of the forgotten.
    Love You Me Amigo
    Mark and Susan