Sunday, August 14, 2011

What the Hell Happened to My Scooter?

One of the first things out of Dan's mouth this morning was, "So.  What condition is my scooter in?"  When I told him it was totaled, he sort of grunted.  I told him a little about the accident, asking him where he had been going on his scooter, reminding him that he had been working on the boat.  He thought for a bit and then said, "Oh yeah - Boat Electric."  So now I know for sure that he was heading over the Fremont Bridge for Westlake.

I told him about the Fremont Blog and the photos.

A little bit later on, he was sitting up in a chair and eating his breakfast (cold scrambled eggs).  After an impressive try at eating, he proclaimed, "Enough of this mush.  Show me the pictures." Which I did.  He called on the Lord several times when viewing the photos.  Those of you who know Dan well, know what a religious man he is so I am sure you can envision this prayerful scenario.

Here's the good news today - he is much more alert.  Much more conversant.  Much more himself.  Great sense of humor, lapsing into goofy from time to time.

The doc told me today to expect a wide range of emotions and behavior.  Normal for this type of brain injury which she termed "serious."  And she told me it could take up to 6 months for him to be his old self again.



  1. Well, Dan, I don't know if you were aware of my presence there during the night with you, but I figured you guys needed some company. Your face is pretty banged up, but I'm glad to see that smile is still there under the signature mustache! Van the room-mate is beginning to get on my nerves. Some advice: stick with the cold scrambled eggs, the cold cream of wheat is much worse.

  2. Hi Dan....

    I know you will have me in stitches soon and I am so grateful for your recovery....The therapuetic waters and beers of Vesuvius Bay wait for you,
    Love Ragnhild

  3. Thinking of you all so so much during these days! So happy to hear that some classic Dan humor is emerging, and hopefully before too long the fog will lift....for Dan and for all of you...xoxox

  4. Just heard the freakin awful news --yikes is right!! I'm kind of glad to tune in at this point in the story when it looks like things are starting to turn around. The brain is an amazing organ with the capacity to heal itself. It sounds like the humor center is intact at least. Sending you lots of love and rapid healing thoughts.