Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 Weeks and Counting!

Well, today marks 5 weeks since the accident.  It is such a weird time warp to think that 5 weeks have gone by.  It seems like such a blip on the screen, and yet when I think of those first few days in the ER and ICU, it is ages ago.

We are learning a lot about patience right now.  They said their would be plateaus and it seems that we are on one.  I think the main thing to wait for in the short term is the rib pain to abate.  It just HURTS all the time.  Particularly the 3 ribs that are broken in the front (as opposed to the 3 in the back).  Once the pain lets up, he will, hopefully, be less tired and less debilitated physically.  We were told 6 weeks.  Some say 8.  I'm shooting for 6 which would mean this time next week he'll be reporting a dramatic change in pain level. 

It also seems that as one thing gets better, something else crops up or gets worse.  So it's kind of a seesaw right now.  But we are content and grateful to be riding it as opposed to other, worse alternatives.

Dan's birthday is Monday.  It may not be rip-roaring, but you can bet there will be some serious celebrating in this family.  I may even bake a cake.  Chocolate Decadence anyone?

Today we came home after Dan's therapies (my boss kicked me out of the office to go play with Dan).  We got to the boat, Dan stretched out up forward and slept for a while, and I laid on the couch and read the paper while Julia bustled around, cooking and doing stuff.  I realized that it was the first time in weeks that we have just hung out like that with nothing pressing.  Every time I thought of something I needed to do, I put it out of my mind and just wrapped myself deeper in the cocoon, relaxing and enjoying the late afternoon light and the quiet. 

Nice way to mark the end of the 5th week. 



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