Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer in Seattle

The weather has been glorious - hot and sunny.  Great wind for sailing.  Even if we can't actually sail, we can dream.  It's been healing to be near the water, feeling the sunshine.  And Dan's walks up the dock (which are good for his therapy and necessary if he is going to take a shower) are so much nicer when the sun in shining down.  Hopefully by the time the rains begin, he will be further along in the recovery process.

This weekend is the anniversary of when we met 25 years ago.  We met at Bumbershoot (for you out of towners - that's an annual music and arts festival held at the Seattle Center every Labor Day weekend).  Dan and I were both there and literally bumped into each other on the dance floor on September 1 back when we were young and hard-bodied and still had hormones.  This weekend marks a quarter of a century of being together and, I must say, I am very happy to be right where I am.  Taking care of Dan instead of missing him, you know?

Today Dan said he felt badly that we are just hanging around the boat when we could be doing something more fun.  We took a short drive, visited a friend, and then he was tired and wanted to head back.  He still sleeps a lot and the most comfortable position is lying flat on his back.  Sitting or standing or walking just hurts too dang much.  And his balance still isn't back to normal.  So he isn't all that comfortable walking for any longer distance than he has to.

Julia is looking for an apartment and I've been helping her with that.  We are looking at something bright and early Tuesday morning.  Keeping fingers crossed.  If it's a "go" she'll be moving out in the next week or two.  So that will leave Dan & me with an empty nest.  But she'll likely be in Ballard so not far away.  She starts school - getting her CNA - in the fall.  Late September.  Really excited.

Slowly life will return to a more predictable pace.  Julia moving out, me getting back to regular work schedule.  Dan in his twice-weekly therapy session days.  He may start taking the bus when his balance gets better.  But for now, we are in a holding pattern.

They said he would be on a steep uphill trajectory for a while and then plateau before heading uphill again.  I think we're seeing the plateau.  Kind of the same these last 5 days or so. 

OK - that's it for tonight.  Any questions?!



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