Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Month - How Time Flies

Thursday marked one month since the accident.  Hard to believe...

There is less and less to report and we are really settling into a rhythm of appointments.  This past week they upgraded the schedule, adding more appointments, more days to his rehab.  There have been a few setbacks - new (?) symptoms -  which we are waiting to hear more about.  But lots of forward motion as well.

Dan has lost a lot of weight.  People are noticing and commenting on it.  He's gonna have to work hard to bulk up when his ribs heal.  Meanwhile, full fat milk, ice cream, anything he wants to eat - which he's always been able to do and not gain weight.  He keeps fit mostly by working and his daily activities.  Never been a "gym" guy.  I guess that'll change, at least for a while.  I want my MAN back when this is over!

We skyped with our friends in Panama today - that is the prize we are keeping our eyes on - getting down there in December.  We are hoping with all our hearts that we can still make that trip.  It'll be an  R&R trip as opposed to a get up and go trip, which is fine.  As long as we can get there. 

I am probably going to taper off with the blog pretty soon.  I'll post when there is significant news.  Does that work for everyone?  I've been told by many of you that the blog has been great to follow and keep up with Dan's progress - and I want to continue to provide that.  But, as I said, there is less and less big news and more and more of the same. 

I also feel able to talk on the phone and do individual emailing now.  So feel free to call or write me if you like. Some of you already are.  Loving the photos of kids with mohawks and fabulous long emails - kind of reminds me of the days when we wrote letters to each other.  They'd come in the mail and we'd savor them over a cup of tea.  I loved letters.  Miss them still but I'll settle for a long, newsy email. 

We have been spoiled by our friends.  Dinner brought to the boat, dinner on other peoples' boats.  Dinner at Kevin's tonight!  Yay!  An outing!  Lots of love and gifts and cards and thoughtfulness.  It's keeping us going still.

I actually let a tear slip this morning over coffee when Dan said something - one of his expressions that is so normal, so common - and I thought to myself, "it is SO good that he is sitting here, saying that, drinking coffee.  It's just so normal."  I try not to let myself think of what the alternative could have been too often but it does make me appreciate what we have right here, right now. 




  1. Dear Irene,

    Nope. You may not stop this blog. It has been such an inspiration to us all. However, I suggest the following: no need for long reflections unless you're in the mood. A good day: just write "Blick." A so-so day: "Bleck". A bad day: "Bluck." (Rhymes with a very therapeutic Anglo-Saxonism).

    "Inspiration" comes from the word [in} + spirare; to blow (into) = breathe into = thus spiritus: soul, courage, vigor. Then the Vulgate Latin, spiritus, The Word. You know the rest of that story. So no, Irene, I'm very sorry. But you've been given your mission and only you and Dan can minister in this particular way to those of us who have ears to listen.

    You are, of course, perfectly within your rights to decide you've had enough and who could blame you. I am just really trying to tell you what a hell of a great job you both have done and the wonder of it is that you took the time to allow the rest of us to look through the veil of your (plural) suffering into your souls during such private torment and we owe you a debt we cannot repay. Thank you. We are all the larger for it.

    On the other hand, I am now getting boils from wearing the hair and wool shirt, my neck and face are swollen so I have had to cut the collars so they are larger and odd purple lines are beginning to zigzag across my body. I am sad to say they resemble nothing like the stigmata. I check first thing every morning.

    The ventilation system in the apt. blew out and the landlord is in Germany for 10 days. So I want Dan to know that my sacrificial suffering is now compounded by no A/C during this heat wave; I have no clean clothes to say nothing of those PJ's you know about, and things are generally going from Bluck straight to that Anglo-Saxonism. But I am not complaining. This is just a sort of spiritual update from the front lines. Dan, are you feeling more, much better now?

    Loving you both,

  2. I'm kind of with Debby ---sorry! This blog has been my mainline of connection with your lives. Just knowing that things are "normal" or little changed is so reassuring. Maybe you could go Twitter-esque and post 140 characters worth of news each time.

    That said, I DO want you to reduce stress wherever you can.

    Loving thoughts...