Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dan's birthday was yesterday. September 19th.  He is 63 years old and we celebrated in a big way.  By BIG I don't mean a rip-roaring, wild celebration until the wee hours.  I just mean we acknowledged how glad, how grateful, how humbled we are to be able to celebrate this birthday with Dan.  It could have been a very different sort of day.

Dan & I had a sweet morning together over coffee.  The weather was glorious - a warm, sunny fall day.  The kind of day where you know it's not summer - the light is autumnal, the sun is gently warm, but a coat is unnecessary.  Perfect.  Dan had two therapy appointments which we went to together - or, rather, he went to and I put in a few hours work since I was there.

We had dinner at Aileen's (my sister) apartment.  She and Daniel are in Brazil so we had their place at our disposal.  Just the four of us and Dan's brother, Kevin.  It was quiet and sweet and we were so happy to say...


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